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Kosiv - Ivano-Frankivsk region

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The history of the city Kosiv Ivano-Frankivsk region
Kosiv can be considered the nominal capital of the Hutsul Carpathians. This small town hidden in green meadows has long been the center of their land. It was a land of salt crafts, militant rebels, Hasidim and Sich arrows. Long centuries of existence with different rulers and various people allowed the city to form its unique atmosphere, which, like the sound of trembita, is a calling card of this paradise of the Carpathians.

Features of Kos City

The territorial unit, which was later called Kosiv, was formed for a long time. In 1318, a village with the same name was founded here, now it was part of the Galician-Volyn state. Subsequently, Kosiv passes in turn to Poland and Moldova until it becomes part of the Commonwealth. It is in its composition that it becomes, as one of the centers of salt-growing and actively develops.

It is believed that Kosiv's name comes from the name of the founder of the village - Kos. Although there are other versions. For example, it is known that the word "kis" is an ancient common Slavonic word, which is in many languages ​​and is the name of the bird, spaka.
The town, thanks to its good location, was actively built. On the hill there was built a castle to protect the surrounding territories. In the construction of the city center used popular in that time in the Commonwealth of the Renaissance concept of an ideal city. The whole city is located between market and church areas, and is divided into blocks. Often, even in the interior planning of houses used Renaissance methods.

As in many cities of that time, Kosovo's homes consisted mostly of wooden logs. Unlike a stone and a brick, the tree here was very widespread and cheap, so it was profitable to build it from it. However, unfortunately, because of this almost nothing left from the old architectural ensemble of the city. Almost all died during two major fires in the 20 years of the seventeenth century.
The modern view of the city of Kosiv leaves in itself the features of past architectural styles (old buildings are marked by the influence of secession) and Soviet constructivism. Often the Soviet inscriptions do not fit into the overall landscape of the city, because in those times when they were built, after the Second World War, few were worried about the aesthetic component of the city. Therefore, instead of destroyed neighborhoods, Soviet administrative buildings and apartment buildings were often built.

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A separate page of the history of Kosovo is the movement of Hutsuls-rebels known in these regions. First of all, there was a famous legendary leader of the national avengers (or criminals, everyone has his point of view) Olexa Dovbush. In the city he created a monument and a museum named after one of the most romantic characters in the history of the Carpathians, "Hutsul Robin Hood".
Now Kosiv - a small Carpathian town, its salt industry no longer bring income, except from tourists, and the rebels have long left the nearby forests. But people kept memories of those times and preserved that atmosphere of mountain beauty and freedom, which for centuries surrounded this small town as a milky-white morning fog.

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Kosov tips for tourists

You can stay in the city, though it is small, but has long become a tourist center, so there will be no housing problems. It is here that you should start your acquaintance with the Carpathian Mountains, climb the legendary Hoverla, travel to the Chornohora ridge, wander on a wide bows and everything else.

How to reach Kosiv?

Getting to the city of Kosiv can be from Ivano-Frankivsk or other major cities of Ukraine to the station Vyzhnitsa. By car you can reach Kosiv via Kolomyia or Chernivtsi.

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Kosiv - Ivano-Frankivsk region
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Population: 14,800 (01.01.2016)
Population density: 743 people/km²
Zip codes: 78600-78604
Phone code: +380 (3478)
Водойма: річка Рибниця
City Day: July 7 (Ivan)
COATUA code: 2623610100