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Rest in Ivano-Frankivsk
Ivano-Frankivsk ... Certainly, no other city in Ukraine causes such a storm of emotions only by its name. After all, everything here is permeated with Ukrainian national culture, customs and traditions. And this is manifested in everything, in the language spoken by the locals, in clothes that bear the imprint of Hutsul culture, in behavior, only Ivano-Frankivsk is an example of calm and dimension. Locals, like no other city, really enjoy every minute, every ray of the sun, with every breath of fresh and clean Carpathian air.

Ivano-Frankivsk, formerly Stanislav, appeared in 1662, when he received the Magdeburg right, but, so to speak, it was just who got it, this right was not given, for this the city had to be developed enough, therefore, many tend to that it was founded much earlier. Regarding the name of the city, which he was wearing for almost 300 years, every student will tell you that he was named after the son of Andrew Pototsky - Stanislav, who was the head of the city. However, there are two more versions of its origin.

As for the second, some historians assume that he was named in honor of his father Andrew Pototsky - Stanislaw Revere Pototsky. In the third version, Stanislav received his name in honor of the famous Catholic saint - Stanislav Kostka. This godly boy had the vision of the saints and the Mother of God. Very at an early age, he died of malaria and after his death Stanislav was enlisted as a saint. For quite some time he was also considered the patron of the city of Lviv.

Ivano-Frankivsk is a cradle of Hutsul culture
Today Ivano-Frankivsk is named after the famous Ukrainian poet Ivan Franko, who really lived here only in periods, but most importantly, here was the beloved girl I. Franko who devoted much of his lyrical poetry. Frankly speaking, Ivano-Frankivsk is a great romantic city, in which time freezes, continuing the most pleasant moments and memories, it seems here that the air is filled with love, ease and elevated. You seem to be parity in this atmosphere of comfort, invigorated and drunk surrounding your beauty.

Of course, one can not but mention that Ivano-Frankivsk is the center of Hutsul culture, which is respected here by every local inhabitant. If you want to feel and get interested in Ukrainian culture, you just need to come to Ivano-Frankivsk. Only here, every self-respecting hostess with his own hands demonstrates his skill not only in traditional embroidered vestments, but also in towels and other household items.

Here they prefer to do everything with their own hands, putting in their work a piece of soul, traditions and knowledge that are passed from generation to generation, and love for their roots and to their country. Describe this feeling that you take while staying in this full of beauty city, just not possible, not enough words or expressions.

You are overwhelmed by the feelings that roar in your soul, which are both trampled outwards, and bring you to various acts, noble and mad at the same time. There is such a phrase, "to see Paris - and die," you know, I advise you to visit Ivano-Frankivsk at least once, then Paris will seem to you just a "baby", in comparison with the beautiful beauty of our Ukrainian city.

Founded: 1662 year
Status of the city: since 1662
Population: 251 529 (01/01/2016)
Population density: 2758 persons/km²
Zip codes: 76000-76490
Phone code: +380 (342)
Height above sea level: 260 meters
The water body: the Bystrytsia river Nadvirnianska, Bistrita Solotvinska
City Day: May 7th
COATUU code: 2610100000