Pidhirtsi castle - Lviv

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Pidhirtsi castle - in Lviv is considered a spectacular palace of the XVII century. in Ukraine. For a picturesque location and sophisticated architecture, it is called Ukrainian Versailles, comparing it with the lush residence of the French kings. For several years, the castle restoration has been under way. Upon completion, they plan to place a branch of the Lviv Art Gallery.

The castle stands on the edge of a mountain plateau, hollow down to a wide valley. The castle is visible from the valley, and from it unfolds an exciting panorama of the surrounding lands.

When exactly on this place the Pidhirtsi castle was first discovered - it is unknown, but it is well known that the old defensive structure was substantially rebuilt in 1635-1640. The owner of the castle was the crown hetman Stanislav Konietzpolsky, one of the most prominent generals of his time. While conducting his life mainly in military campaigns and on the battlefield, the hetman built a refined palace in Pidhirtsi to celebrate his triumphs and rest before new exploits.

Pidhirtsi Castle: Ukrainian Versailles
Pidhirtsi Castle is a beautiful combination of palace and defensive architecture. Prior to his construction, the best masters - the military engineer and architect Andrea del Aqua and the fortification engineer Guillaume de Boplan. Before the construction of the castle there is a square yard, surrounded by bastions, which in peacetime served as terraces for walks.

On both sides of the building, the palace is fortified with powerful towers with elegant spiers, on the tops of which there are figures of the Atlanteans: one holds the globe on the shoulders, and the other - the model of the Universe. In the middle, above the entrance, there is another tower, on its upper floors arranged a castle chapel.

A park spread around the castle, which at the time of the height of Pidhirtsi amazed with luxury. The decoration of the park was three terraces, planted with green labyrinths with fountains and exquisite sculptures; some of them now decorate the Peterhof alleys. Opposite the gate of the castle there was an alley leading to the church of the Exaltation and St. Joseph - another pearl of Pidhirtsi.

Pidhirtsi Castle: Ukrainian Versailles
The sophisticated house has no analogues in Ukraine: according to the plan it is a rotunda, the front part of which is decorated with a colonnade with a portico and a line of sculptures of the saints. In front of the church on high columns there are two figures - the Virgin Mary and St. Joseph. In the depths of the park there is a courtyard where famous visitors of the Pidhirtsi castle stopped.

After the Konetspolsky Pidhirtsi castle ruled Rzhevsky, at the time when the castle became the most heyday. The Rzhevsky family is one of the most interesting in Poland, because among its representatives there were many prominent personalities: crown hetmans, bishops, poets, and also the wife of Onore de Balzac, Evelina Ganska, the native of Rzhevuska.

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Pidhirtsi castle - Lviv
Pidhirtsi castle
Pidhirtsi castle in Lviv
Photo of Pidhirtsi castle
Pidhirtsi Castle Pictures
village Pidhirtsi, Brody district, Lviv region, Lviv region, Ukraine, 80660