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Lutsk castle
The city of Lutsk, founded more than a thousand years ago, has always been a major administrative, economic and cultural center of Volhynia. There have been many important historical events, among which the most important is the Council of European Monarchs in 1429

The heads of state gathered to Lutsk to work together to work out a plan to confront the common threat - the Ottoman Empire. However, the monarchs failed to satisfy their own ambitions and unite their efforts against the enemy.
Old Lutsk is a popular tourist destination, as the historic core of the city with its vivid architectural monuments, integrated into the historic and cultural reserve "Old Town", is well preserved.

Reserve "Old Town". Lutsk castle
The main ornament of the city - the Lutsk castle of Lubart - is one of the most beautiful in the country. This confirms that they got their first place in the contest "7 Wonders of Ukraine" in 2010. The castle is beautifully preserved in primitive medieval forms without any subsequent reorganization and is the only monument of architecture of the times of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

The castle built of brick has a sophisticated European shape and contrasts favorably with the harsh, strict Ukrainian castles.
Lutsk castle was built in 1340, during the reign of Prince Lyubart Gediminovich, the last ruler of the Galician-Volyn principality. Here was the main residence of the prince.

Reserve "Old Town". Lutsk castle
According to the plan, the castle walls of the castle are triangles that connect three powerful towers: the on-street, Vladycha and Styrova, overlooking the Styr River. In the towers there are museum collections, among which the most interesting is the exhibition of ancient bells and an arsenal - a collection of historical weapons. In addition to the Lutsk castle, there was the Okolny Castle - a system of urban fortifications, which included temples and monasteries of the city.

Fortifications are still fragments of our day. For example, the Peter and Paul Catholic Church of the Jesuit Monastery, built in 1616-1639 by the Italian architect Giacomo Briano, has an extraordinary system of underground passages with crypts, an underground church and a prison.

Reserve "Old Town". Lutsk castle
Interesting are other temples that were part of the Okolny Castle: elegantly decorated Trinity Cathedral and Pokrovsky Church - the oldest in the city. Preserved and one of the towers of the castle - the Czartoryskiy Tower. An ancient synagogue deserves special attention - also one of the elements of city fortifications. It's called a small castle, because in shape it really resembles a medieval Romanesque castle.

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Catapults in the Lubart Castle - Lutsk
Castle of Lubart - bells
Castle of Lubart is the outside of the castle
Castle of Lubart in Lutsk - central entrance
In the center of the castle is Lyubart - Lutsk
Castle of Lubart, sky view Lutsk
Castle of Lubart in Lutsk - Quad-Counter Winter
Ukraine, city Lutsk, street Cathedral, 1a
Beginning of construction: 1340 years
Material of construction: brick
End of construction: 1350s